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CNC Laser Cutting

Three 4000 watt CO2 lasers with linear motor drive systems. Dual 60"x120" pallet cutting tables with ball transfer. Cutting capabilities up to 0.375" stainless steel, 0.250" aluminum, 0.625" carbon steel

Deburr & Edge Rounding

Cross belt technology utilizing two counter- rotating belts 90° to the conveyor belt. This

process is ideal for rounding the inside and outside edges and contours of parts previously

cut by laser, punching, or shearing.

Hardware Insertion

High power versatile machine used to install self clinching hardwares. Install threaded studs, nuts, pins, standoffs in both flat and formed sheet metal part configurations.


Spot Welding

High power press type spot weld machine. 150 KVA power transformer with 7" cylinder bore. Spot weld sheet

metal parts, weld nuts, screws, levelers,

pins, and special purpose items with ease.


Mig/Tig Welding

State of the art welding equipment including Surface Tension Transfer

technology to reduce distortion, burn through, and spatter. Aluminum modular fixture tables to eliminate

contaminants that can corrode stainless steel.


 Highly accurate ±.0004" ram repeatability,

quick setup 5 axis back gages, 90 & 135 ton  press brakes with touch screen interface and built in tool library.


Metal Finish

Assortement of surface finishing tools including an electrochemical weld cleaning system to remove heat tint and clean welds.

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